Let the People Choose: Houses

The People’s Choice theme for July is Houses! This is perfect for me because this month I picked up a little piece that has not one, not two, but 10 houses on it!

I have almost all the houses built. I couldn’t do the shadow side of the houses yet because I don’t like the floss color provided. It is a variegated beige-gray-green but my skein has way too much green. If I were to fussy stitch it I’d only be able to use 6” at a time. Nope, not doing that! So I started the alphabet and border. Once my replacement floss gets here it will be quick to finish.

Now I don’t usually love stitching houses. The house has to be a pretty special house or else part of a larger design that I just love.

For example, I loved this little blue house pin cushion from Abby Rose Designs. I think it was called Home Sweet Home. There is just something about the colors that grabbed me.

And The Drawn Thread often puts little house motifs in her samplers:

I have a lot of charts with similar little incidental houses. And some where the houses are more prominent. But I do want to share one of my very favorites which is in my shortlisted stitch pile: Jane Plenderleath from NeedleWorkPress.

There is just something about this brick house with the checkered roof which I find so attractive, and I also love the bigger design. The borders and bands are lovely. If I had the chart when I made my Bucket List this would have been on it. As it is, I will probably aim to do it next year!

To see more houses that the People Choose, head back over to Serendipitous Stitching!

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  1. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. I love that little row of house you are currently stitching. I think I prefer lots of smaller houses rather than one large one with rows of bricks to stitch!

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