(please ignore the red fuzz on the wing! I was so excited I guess I didn’t notice!)

I just couldn’t wait to share this with you, I finished my Amy Mitten Butterfly! I took advantage of having to wait a couple hours for a minor car repair and thought I would just take it along and get it done! That was a successful plan. No interruptions! Quiet waiting room and good, bright florescent light! And aside from not having a thimble to push that needle through many layers of material, it went well.

But Ooohh putting the whole thing together was FIDDLY! I felt like I could use about 4 tiny hands, for the legs especially as they kept wiggling out of position. In fact by that point, handling the thing felt like handling a real butterfly, it felt so light and delicate, and I was trying not to squish it!

I just love it. But if I were going to do anything else with it, I would add the proboscis. If I can think of how to make one I might just add such a thing. I have always found it fascinating. My Jenny Adin-Christie butterfly has some quilling paper in the kit…I wonder if something like that would work? Or some kind of thing flat wire?

So there it is, et voila! Started January 1, and finished July 9. I can hardly believe I made it. Now onto the next thing!

6 thoughts on “Ta DAH!

  1. This is absolutely amazing!!! It is so realistic and just a gorgeous work of stitching art. Kudos to you to stitch something so complicated and getting it finished so beautifully.

  2. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for your stunning butterfly! This is an amazing project and you’ve stitched it so beautifully.
    Did anyone ask what you were doing at the garage?!

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