It’s the third week of July and I have just been plugging away on my various projects! I’ve gotten back into my Bargello Roll. Look! It is about half finished!

I am patiently waiting on some other thread choices for my Sampler Roll houses and in the meantime have been working on grass, alphabets, trees… This is just a lovely design.

And in non-roll news, look what I FINALLY have back from framing! Bee Blossoms from Just Nan, one of the first pieces I ever showed on my blog!

I turned this in for framing in February 2020 right before COVID hit our area. The Attic has a framing event in February so I was trusting Sandy with her own selection of frame and mat. This makes custom framing very reasonable and Sandy always does an amazing job. Unfortunately, what she picked went out of stock, along with everything else it seems, and so I waited. And waited. And waited. Until finally the frame molding came back INTO stock and now it is done and I have it back! I am so happy to be able to put this on the wall.

8 thoughts on “Rolls

  1. That bargello is gorgeous! The frame with Sandy was worth the wait! 🙂 It is very pretty.

  2. YOu have such variety in your stitching, always a pleasure to see what you are up to. Your framed Just Nan is gorgeous and worth the wait!!

  3. I do love the wonderful framing job on your Just Nan piece, Mary–truly beautiful! And the colors in your bargello roll are so deep and rich–wonderful progress. Enjoy this last bit of July!

  4. The Bargello Roll is looking amazing, did you ever see the one The Scarlet Letter does?

    Your Just Nan framed piece is just stunning, well worth waiting for. I love those colours. Her designs do look good on darker fabrics sometimes.

    1. I’ve seen several Scarlet Letter charts with bargello! I think I have the Flame Stitch sampler (I think that’s what it’s called) but when I searched I found a bunch more for my wish list! It is so a gorgeous pattern and the colors are so swoon worthy. Bee Blossoms was my first Just Nan. It is lovely to stitch. I feel like the colors are sort of old fashioned (I remember when all the fashionable middle class interiors in the US were mauve and teal and peach) but I love them.

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