Mary’s July Small and Vacation

Well, this king took me much longer than I thought it would! Part of that was because it turned out that our vacation was one of those vacations when I just didn’t have any time to stitch. We had a good little getaway to San Diego and Carlsbad, CA. Highlights of the trip included the San Diego zoo, and Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, which had the most beautiful gardens.

This mission is the first one founded by St. Junipero Serra in 1769 which makes it a very old building for the western part of the country. Even though we’ve been to San Diego many times over the past 16 years, we had never gone there before. At the zoo we were there in time to watch the grizzly bears being fed. These grizzly bears were removed from Yellowstone park as cubs because their mother was teaching them to raid campsites-maybe cute behavior for cubs but very dangerous for the long term. We also saw the most interesting little weaver birds. The male bird makes an elaborate woven basket nest to attract a mate. They were very interesting to watch and we stayed in the aviary a long time.

In Carlsbad we spent a day at the beach. The sand has a mix of beige and black grains and the black must weigh less because it sifts on the top making such interesting patterns with the rocks. Spread out on the beach the rocks don’t look like much but we noticed they actually were so colorful individually that we could make a color wheel. TO get a sense of scale the largest rocks were the size of my hand.

So coming back from vacation week I had not made much progress on my king AT ALL. I scurried to get it, with the left picture being my progress by Friday night and the right one being as far as I got Sunday.

I finished him on Monday and cut it out this morning. It seems funny to be linking up with my own SAL!

I am eager to get back to my roll projects this week! And maybe start something new!

Are any of you doing the Common Threaded Stitcher series this month on Instagram ? I thought I would but would join in late.

6 thoughts on “Mary’s July Small and Vacation

  1. I enjoyed your photos of your vacation, Mary, and it brought back nice memories of our visits to my oldest son in SD over the past five years. Love the photo of the rocks arranged so artfully. Great job on your king! I’m not doing the Common Threaded Stitcher hashtag on IG as I know I wouldn’t keep up, but I’ll enjoy reading yours if you do join in, Mary!

  2. Love the king!
    We were at the San Diego Zoo many decades ago. Before children. Fabulous! What a neat bird and nest! I would think his little toes would be cramped holding on upside down for so long!! 😉

  3. What a shame about the bears, hope they have a big enclosure anyway.
    I love that rock photo, we seem to just have plain grey ones here. But I paint them anyway!
    Nice work on the King too.

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