Happy New Year! A 2021 Summary

In 2021 I had 28 finishes. It is much less than the number of finishes as 2020 (42 I think?) but most of them were a good deal more complex. And several of them were off my “bucket list,” projects I deemed to be high priorities in my stitching career. I also had a good number of starts which I made good progress on, but I will talk about them in my next post. I count it a successful year. Let’s look back shall we?

First of all, off the official bucket list, I finished:

  1. Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose

2) The Treasure Box by The Drawn Thread

3) Italian Peacocks Purse by GPA

4) Butterfly Summer Casket Keepsake by Amy Mitten

5) The Sampler Roll by Samplers Remembered-I will get it framed sometime…

6) Star of Wonder by Just Nan. This one will be framed too…

6! That’s not the 12 I was hoping for, but I’ll take it! What lovely projects I will be able to enjoy as actual objects now!

I stitched 3 Blackbird Designs (Strawberry Garden, Vintage Blooms and Quaker Garden) which were all special to do because they are three of my top favorite designs of BBD and also OOP. I know I am very fortunate to be able to make these:

I also kept up with my Smalls stitching with a big variety of styles and finishes. There were these 4 Mill Hill kits:

2 pillows:

Two hearts:

And two Smalls mounted on wood things:

And then there are the super small Smalls: a mini pin cushion, fob, pinwheel, and needle book:

Finally this little half-a-needlebook (Chessie and Me) which I plan to stitch again with my other cat so I have both my cats on one needlebook. This one is my childhood cat, Minou, and I plan to stitch an orange tabby to be Kiwi, my kitty who died last year at the great age of 19.

Last but certainly not least are 4 framed projects which do not fit into any other category:

When I started to write this post I only counted up 21 projects. I thought, 21 in 2021, that is a nice coincidence! But as I went through my pictures I found 7 more. I was quite surprised as I didn’t think I had managed to stitch that much! (The bigger surprise was how much was actually fully finished!) But I did, and more, and here is the evidence! Tomorrow I will show you my continuing projects for 2022. I have my work cut out for me!

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year! A 2021 Summary

  1. Your stitching is so diverse and all so gorgeous!! I am still amazed at the beautiful butterfly and if I had to choose a favorite that would be at the top of the list. I am truly amazed at how much you accomplish!! Have a Happy New Year filled with beautiful stitching!

  2. You did have a good year, so many gorgeous finishes! The butterfly has to be top of anyone’s list of accomplishments.
    Looking forward to seeing what you achieve in the coming year.

  3. Such a lot of lovely projects, I don’t think I have a favourite, the butterfly is superb though, but I also think the Drawn Thread Treasure box is too. I have only ever stitched small parts from that design and not the whole. I don’t think I can buy a suitable box over here. Look forward to seeing what your plans are for this year.

    1. Thank you! You’ve made the smalls for the treasure box? I am thinking about it. I did not put the chart away. I guess I *should* make them but they don’t inspire me as much as the box. We’ll see!

  4. Oh, my! What a gorgeous line-up of finishes for 2021, Mary! I think it would take me all year to figure out those more complex ones like the butterfly! That is probably my favorite of your finishes last year. And you do all this while raising a large family–amazing! Wishing you all the best in 2022–can’t wait to see what springs from your needle! Happy New Year ♥

    1. Thank you Carol! Yes I love that butterfly too! It is the most amazing project I have ever made. I still can’t believe I did it. Hmm yes, to manage the stitching and the family, is tricky, I do not stitch during the day unless I am waiting to pick up the kids from school or at a baseball game or appointment. That is not every day! But I do stay up and get my stitching in nearly every night, and thus I can’t boast of a very clean house! Oh dear! Happy New Year!

  5. Such beautiful projects! It’s hard to pick a favourite. I would be proud to have stitched any of them, but the butterfly and the hearts tug at my heart parricularly.

  6. Your stitching last year was excuisite! I admire it all, but your butterfly and the peacook purse is outstanding!
    Good luck with your stitching 2022!
    With love from Sweden,

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