MNO…P(raise Jesus)

Hi friends! We are enjoying cooler temperatures in the Phoenix area now. It is our nice time of year. I love the fresh mornings. I feel like we are hurtling towards the holidays and the end of the year. There is so much to do! Have I mentioned I am trying, and failing, to pick a color to repaint my entry hall? I have many splotches of color all over the wall. It is a big mess. I want it finished before my parents come to visit for Thanksgiving! Just 4 weekends away! And I have to make 3 Halloween costumes! But right now, this minute, I am feeling calm. In another minute I might feel frenetic again as I look at all the (non-stitching) things that need to be done! But for now I am in my happy place talking about my needlework!

This weekend I worked on my Sampler Of Stitches. I’m doing MNO now. There is something new to learn on this one every time I pick it up. It is so interesting!

I loved the “net stitch” under the M. It looks really complicated but it was quite easy and the effect is neat. The motif to the right of the M is called Maltese Cross. It was harder to do but also makes a really interesting shape.

Last week I worked mostly on my Praise Jesus by La D Da. That thick lower border is done! There is a floral band between the words, which I started in order to check my count and make sure it is all lined up correctly, and you can see I started the Praise.

I had a panic moment thinking I had mis-oriented my linen. But I counted it out and even if I did I will have enough space with about 1.5″ for framing so it’s all good. I will worry about finishing it next month.

This week I will work to finish Dutch Birds for my small this month. See you for the check in on Friday!

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  1. Lovely work on your sampler, the Maltese Cross is gorgeous! So many different and interesting stitches in this sampler.

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