Pretty Little Finish

Last week I finished my Victoria Sampler kloster blocks learning kit.

This one was so fun! Again the directions for the technique were excellent-kloster blocks are easy enough but Thea gives the order in which to stitch each block and Algerian eyelet. I honestly think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve made. And I have a plan for it! It will go on a box as a present for my daughter’s First Communion next month.

With my last VS kit and this one I started stitching in hand using the sewing method. I discovered the Kreinik is a million times easier to work with that way-it doesn’t twist and it lays flat. The kloster blocks and satin stitched areas are also super easy, and fast, to stitch in hand. I’ve always been a hoop-only stitcher. In fact I could not even conceive of how anyone could stitch without a hoop. But, I am so so glad to be learning this, because for my next little project I can’t use a hoop at all! Here it is, Birdz and Bugz from Lizzie Kate:

Isn’t this cute? It’s not my usual style (which I knew as soon as I went to kit it and discovered none of the colors called for were in my stash!) but I really liked this one with the colors and cutesy birdies and fabric in the pre-finished wallet. There are inside and outside designs and then directions to make the fob and pin cushion. I think I’ll do that, they are tiny!

Final thing from last week: I made the first ornament from this little Dimensions wood snowflakes kit:

The stitch diagram could have been so much better so I reinvented it to use a double running stitch and got the pattern the same on the front and back except for one stitch! (Pats self on back!) I hope that will work for the other designs!

4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Finish

  1. Your Victoria sampler piece is gorgeous!
    How cute the Lizzie Kate piece, lovely finish! The snowflakes ornaments are so unusual, you did a great job!

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