May Smalls Check In

I finished quite a few Smalls this month which I posted about earlier this week but my “official” Small for the May check in is The Blue Pot Pin Pillow from Mani Di Donna.

When I saw this released at Nashville this year I had to have it! I loved everything about it! The overall colors, the picture, the Gloriana silks, the little silver add ons…and the price which was quite reasonable, I felt!

I don’t often turn around a purchase so fast, that is make it up right away after getting it, but this piece was so charming how could I resist? I just ordered the velvet to make up the pillow so that will be one of my June goals. Stay tuned!

What did you stitch? Join us below and thanks for your participation!


10 thoughts on “May Smalls Check In

  1. I love your Small. It is just to my taste. Sorry I’m late linking up. We are travelling in the caravan in outback Australia, and internet connection is very intermittent and often unreliable when we do think we have it!

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