November 2020 Smalls Check In

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you all had a wonderful day and were able to check in with loved ones even if you could not be with them this year. We had a nice day, just our family, DH, me and the 5 kids. We watched the Macy’s parade in the AM (I cried a little because it was sad to see it with no crowds of people). I cooked ALL day, which was fun for me. I enjoy cooking and making special food. Everything came out well (sorry no pictures of it!). We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as is traditional in our family, and ended with a game of Ticket to Ride, Europe (We love this board game-it is SO fun for all of us, ages 5-40s! Do you need a present for a family or even your own family? This may be the…ahem…Ticket) I did not stitch at all. Boo hoo! However, earlier this week I did finish the stitching on the Holly Pin Drum from La D Da! Here it is:

I will try to get it made up next month. We will see how that goes. Even without all the activities usually scheduled between Thanksgiving and Christmas (last year was crazy with 2 baseball tournaments, 2 sets of guests, and my eldest daughter in 14 performances of the Nutcracker-she had a only small part but had to be there for every show!) I feel like it will be busy and maybe I won’t get a lot done. Well we’ll see.

Do share what you’ve been working on! Thanks for stitching along with me this year!

3 thoughts on “November 2020 Smalls Check In

  1. Lovely work on your drum.
    I guess when you have 5 children, it’s never really a quiet weekend! Glad that you were able to enjoy yourselves even if it was different to usual.

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