March 2019 Smalls Check In

Hello Smalls Stitchers! How is your March going out? Like a lion or a lamb? Mine is going out with a Squeak! I made a mouse!

I got a hankering to do a quick stitch this week and this project has been staring at me for months. It is Just Nan’s Minerva’s Mouse which I was lucky enough to find as a new kit last year! Now it is made and Minerva can stare at Miss Mousie!

This is my first Just Nan mouse and I have several more-Christmas ones plus the hedgehog-in my stash. Since it stitched up in only 2-3 days (this is a mom of 5 kids, friends, I know many of you would make this a 1 day project!) I have no excuse to not be adding more mice to my collection through the year!

I hope our nice full month gave everyone a chance to make a nice small or two. Let’s see them below! But first, one last picture of Miss Mousie, she is so cute!

PS: I want to thank ALL of you who left such loving and kind comments on my recent post about my Charmed Sampler with all my charms on it. It truly made me feel warm and cared for to know you all would be interested in something so personal to me, beyond just the stitching! 🙂

12 thoughts on “March 2019 Smalls Check In

  1. Your little Just Nan mouse is utterly adorable. I definitely agree that it needs a few companions; at least half a dozen more should be sufficient! 🙂

  2. I love your little mouse. I have made one of them and have two more in my stash. I am just doing the Hallowe’en or Autumn Mice to keep the theme.

  3. Oh, a brave mouse to stare so boldly at an owl! I think these little guys are really cute. I do believe you need a small herd of them!

  4. I am in love with your little mouse! I have several friends who have stitched this one as well as others and they’re all so adorable. You definitely need to stitch a few more!

  5. Oh I love your little mouse. So adorable! Congrats on the cute finish. I’m finally linked up after a weekend away.

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