Progress Report

I’ve been working on three things lately that are showing progress. I know I’ve been posting mostly finishes, but I’ve been stitching on a lot of unfinished things too!

First of all, I decided, Miss Mousie needs a friend RIGHT AWAY! I started Hedgie and he will be done this week probably.

Hedgie will be a good friend to protect her from Minerva the Owl.

I’ve been working on the Birthday Tart by Plum Street. I have discovered that between the colors in the photo and the wonky dye lots I must have that mine is not going to look like the picture. Phooey. Because I really like the colors in the photo! My Piney Woods for example is VERY dark, and my Sarsaparilla is brown.

Well, I changed one thread. I subbed in Antique Rose for the Sarsaparilla because my Sarsaparilla is just plain BROWN without those rosy shades in it and I don’t want brown flowers.

I hope it turns out ok and I like it.

Finally, I have been working on Leaping Cat. I am not loving stitching it. I should have used 1 thread instead of 2 but I can’t go back now! Lesson learned.

When I went back to stitching after a sanity break (ALL THAT GRASS-which I redid twice in certain sections to make the colors flow!) I switched needles to a thinner one. It is working a bit better. I want to get this done this month. Because, I love it, right? And I am a bit tired of having it be a WIP.

7 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Really looking forward to seeing your little hedgehog. I agree, he will be a good companion for guarding the little mouse. Good luck with finishing Leaping Cat too; it’s never easy working on a project you’re not in love with. 🙂

  2. Love the colors of your little hedgehog. I am rushing through stitching a project that I’m not enjoying too, it takes the fun from stitching. What count fabric are you stitching the Cat on? I have trouble with 36 ct, sometimes 2 threads work and other times 1 thread works depending on the linen. Your nearly done though and he is cute!

  3. I can’t wait to see Hedgie!
    I think the colours in your Birthday Tart, look great, but I don’t know what they were supposed to look like.
    Yay for the cat, he looks fantastic!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished Hedgie. Shame about the dyelots, it’s better to match the cover photo if you love the colours rather than follow the recommended threads.

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