Almost there…

I’ve been working away on these 3 ornaments in an effort to get them finished-finished so I can put them away with all the Christmas things! I need to take the tree down this weekend, so it looks like I have a shot! The Christmas SAL Partridge is done-just needs to be finished into something, Christmas Blessings needs half an S and T and the top of the ornament fixed, and the Mill Hill thing just needs its beads. All this can get done over the weekend for sure! Hooray! I can’t WAIT to get back into Heirloom Nativity and get the next band done for January. And of course there is the little Atalie heart, the Joyful World (I’m waiting for the floss to arrive) and… Lounging Hare! Random Thoughts is put away for a bit. I’ll get it out in February. Busy busy times ahead!

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