So it begins!

The Joyful World SAL! I have been so excited to do this project since I discovered it last year. It is just the sweetest thing, large, and yet manageable, and so, so adorable. I’ve been accumulating the supplies and decided I just wouldn’t be happy with it unless I did it on some kind of over-dyed linen. I mean, I am going to be living with this for a year so it needs to have gorgeous materials to enjoy during that year, right? And I didn’t want it so big finished on the 32 ct so I went ahead and got some 36 Weeks in Parchment which is completely lovely and perfect. I am going to mostly be using the called for colors. And I am off! Let’s see if I can get January done in January!

This is one night (which includes all the prep, sorting colors, measuring, measuring again, taking a deep breath and…the first stitch.) My only question is, what on earth does one do with the miles of extra linen hanging down the sides to keep it nice when you’re just working a tiny corner? I feel like I need some kind of special bag or to roll it up in something.

I have also gotten back to Heirloom Nativity, which I LOVE, hoping to get the shepherds knocked out before the end of the month. This is a really really enjoyable project. The colors are fantastic. I love silk!

Don’t worry, all my little small ornaments are being fussed over. I will show them all when they ALL are done. I can’t say finishing is my favorite. All the time I spend finishing I think, I just wish I was stitching! On the other hand, there is little as satisfying as a really well finished thing. The object quality of it as it is all put together…I guess that makes it all worthwhile.


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