Done, done, done,and…done

It’s a week later than I wanted but you know how these things go. And it’s not like I’ve been sitting on my hands! Far from it! But I finally have my 3, no 4 ornaments finished off!

First off, the Mill Hill Christmas Letter. I like this. It is one I plan to make again.  Maybe one for everybody with their initials, and would adapt so well to other colors.

Next is my January contribution for the Christmas Ornies SAL. It is Prairie Schooler’s Partridge from JCS 2005. The trim was much pickier and trickier than I anticipated. I really like my new Kreinik cord maker (even if I don’t think the 3:1 ratio of starting length to finished is very accurate!)-I will get a lot of use out of it I’m sure! But, I wanted to stitch the trim on, not glue it, and I think I really need some fine curved needles to do this in the future. It came out nice. I do love the fabric I had in my stash for backing. That was serendipitous to have something that matched so perfectly


Next up is La D Da’s Christmas Blessings ornament. This was exceedingly restful to work with. Until I had to attach the felt backing. My felt in the kit was not quite big enough to finish the thing with as much border as the instructions recommended. Again, fussy work. All this fussiness contributed to the delay in finishing, but I am pleased with how it (they all!) came out.

And for the bonus! The stitching on this was finished last year, I just had to get it made up. So I did, to check it off the list. It’s great. I love this one. I love the carol, I love the colors, I love how fast it was to do. Yay!

I’m at work on Joyful World this week! SO nice! I am not filling the color in the little spaces in the border. I like the look better without, it’s kind of Art Nouveau-looking. And I think from month to month it will be more uniform.

I see a fox tail!

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