Changing my Focus

I decided, finally, the I would just go ahead and focus on Frosty Knot Garden in February and not feel guilty about any other projects I had waiting so forlornly in my projects basket.

I’m pleased I did, I really made good progress on it this month! It’s a very enjoyable stitch. At this point it is still all symmetrical so once one section has been stitched, I can leave behind the chart and just mirror that section the rest of the way around. Yes, I do have to be careful, (VERY careful) but I am stitching this one slow and steady anyway.

But now, alas, February is at an end and my other projects are calling, calling. I will pick up something else for March. Ah, I can’t decide yet! Good thing I have a few more days!

10 thoughts on “Changing my Focus

  1. Fantastic progress!! Never feel guilty for working on something that makes you happy. The other stitching will just have to wait. Nothing is better than feeling in love with a project.

  2. Sometimes it’s good to focus and see a good amount of progress, and this has obviously done you the world of good. FKG is looking great! Good luck deciding on your March projects. I hope it includes more time on this one. 🙂

  3. Frosty Knot Garden is so pretty! Changing focus is a good thing at times especially if it brings you more stitching pleasure. Enjoy your weekend!

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