All things bright and beautiful

I finished the Jiffy crewel “I Love You!” Ornament. So fun!

My baby girl picked out this one to do next so I will make it for her. She loves going on a rocking horse. Whenever we go to Hobby Lobby we always must plan for 10-15 minutes to ride the rocking horsies in the foyer. They are the old fashioned plain wood kind-not fancy like this one!

I also dug out this project which needed to be finished up-just the arrow and a few border squares! How shameful I never finished it before!

I made it for my oldest but I hadn’t finished it yet when he lost his first tooth so he got a different tooth holder and I set this aside. Now it is for my number 2 son who is 5 and may lose a tooth in the next year or so. I’ll make it into a pillow for him in time for that event. Under the arrow you sew on a little pocket to hold the tooth. The design is from Waxing Moon.

Don’t forget this Friday is our last Friday of June so finish up your Smalls!! See you back then!

5 thoughts on “All things bright and beautiful

  1. I love your crewel heart project, such lovely bright colours.
    The Rocking Horse looks nice too.
    Hope the tooth fairy design gets finished before any more teeth fall out!

  2. What a fun crewel finish and new start!
    You should finish the tooth pillow in no time, then just put it together in time for the first lost tooth.

  3. I love your two crewel projects The lettering in the first is so fun, and the rocking horse is so adorable and will be such a fun reminder of her rocking horse adventures when she’s older The tooth fairy pillow is such a cute idea too!

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