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Last week I didn’t just work on the reticule. We are back to school with online school for 4 of our 5 kids so I haven’t had quite as much stitching time but I did get some work done on some Smalls. Lest I don’t get around to it, I committed to Smalls first thing since I didn’t get one done last month. This is the Dragonfly Pinkeep “Free–Bee” from La-D-Da.

I think you can still find the chart online if you search around. It was originally distributed as a freebie to shops that were selling the supplies to make it. Well, I inherited the chart with no supplies so I chose my own, except I did buy the Sierra Haze Gloriana for the wings-just couldn’t resist such a neat color-purples, blues and browns and much better in real life than this picture!

I originally planned to do it as my dragonfly themed project for Jo’s People’s Choice in June but that didn’t happen. Then it was supposed to be my July Small. Oh well, it’s not like I haven’t stitched at all! In the end it was quick and I stitched it all out at the pool while the kids swam last week and managed not to get it wet!

My new pool project is a continuing BBD’s When This You See which was a fundraiser design several years ago.

As I mentioned before, I struggled mightily with it at first on the beautiful dark 36ct linen (Lupine from PTP). Out at the pool the bright light it great and my new reading glasses are making it possible. The kids need a swim to release their pent up energy after a day of sitting with screens and schoolwork so I should get at least a 20-30 minutes a day on this. Maybe I’ll have it done to turn in for my small this month! (Where have you heard that before??)

PS: I am having major blogging issues between connecting to my blog from my phone where my pictures are and uploading my posts once they’re written. I’ve been writing posts but haven’t been able to publish any till I could sort things out today! I have a few more cued up!

9 thoughts on “Other little things

  1. Lovely stitching. I love the dragonflies piece. I’ve heard a lot of people are having blogging problems with the new format. I hope you can figure it out soon.

  2. Nice work on the Smalls. Only a month or two late for the Dragonflies!
    Swimming pool stitching sounds much like bath time stitching, keeping your chart in a plastic sleeve is very important!

    1. Oh yes, everything has to be in a sealed bag. After I had my whole chair of stuff dragged into the pool once I learned my lesson!!!

    1. Things sometimes get a little splashed and its super hot here in Arizona (been over 110 almost every afternoon the past week!) but the light outside is so nice and I get a lot done!

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