Something New At Last

I have grand plans this month for making more progress on various WIPs I’ve shared. The Bargello Roll, the Strawberry Garden, and Amy Mitten’s Butterfly especially need to reach some milestones for me to be truly satisfied with May. However, after finishing the peacocks purse this week I just had to start something new. The Drawn Thread Treasure Box (off the Bucket List) has been all ready to go for a while so the past two nights I worked on it and got this far:

Like most Drawn Thread patterns this one has a lot of specialty stitches in it, just kind of subtly worked in to each motif. There are some tiny beads and charms too. I do love stitching designs from The Drawn Thread, and I also really enjoy Needlepoint Silk to stitch with. This project will be easy and quick to stitch. And the finish is just to mount in this box which I was lucky enough to find in a stash sale group last year, so it will be a simple FFO as well. Let’s hope this project doesn’t distract me too much from my other, more difficult stitching!

One thought on “Something New At Last

  1. That’s a nice new start. I love the little bunny and adore that box, it’s just gorgeous and will look stunning with the stitching on top.

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