Stitching time

I had a 3 hour blood test today which meant an unusual amount of daytime stitching time. I was actually looking forward to it in order to have that stitching time! I didn’t get anything finished, but made some progress on a couple things:

First, my June small which is this adorable little Riolis kit. It is on plastic canvas which at first I thought was pretty cheesy but after working with the nice fuzzy soft yarn-floss Riolis gives you, it turns out well.

I like this fuzzy yarn-floss. Not for all the time but it is very cozy to use and gives the effect of that needlepoint on plastic canvas but a bit more delicate and nice.

Next I worked on April for Joyful World (yes. I am behind.) I must have worked very slowly because I look at it and feel I have almost nothing to show for the amount of time I spent on it. However, it is getting there. Another session or two will get it done.

You see I decided to make a brown squirrel, instead of gray. The bunny was already enough gray for this design. I think the pink flowers on the right are too pale so I am going to redo them in the brighter pink you are supposed to use in their centers-just flip flop those colors.

Finally I also have to show you this little freebie from Log Cabin Designs, Noel, which I actually finished last month. I used my own colors: GAST Dried Thyme and Cranberry and I used beads instead of Xs for the berries.

This is for the ornies SAL; the theme for June is “words.” 

I have a ton to FFO. I think I will have to give some hours to finishing this summer. Now that’s a post you can look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Stitching time

  1. Your pieces are lovely. I so admire people who can amend patterns to use different colors and make the pieces look even better! I wish I had that skill! Great job!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are a no-reply person but if you respond to this comment by email then I’ll have an email address for next time.
    Love your smalls this month. I stitched that Noel some time ago, I like the addition of the beads. Very pretty.

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