Little things

I’m enjoying stitching away on my little projects this month. I’ve nearly finished my Little Black Cat. It is from Bent Creek.

I have no idea how I will finish it. Maybe a tiny frame and then I can sit it on the mantle with the fall decor. Though I don’t think I’m putting up fall decor this year as I have just re-stained the mantle and am getting ready to paint the wall behind it and all that needs to dry well before I decorate it again.

I have actually finished the Berry Wreath top for the Rosehips and Ivy drum. Whoa is this going to be a big drum! The top was quick to stitch up. I hope the main design will be as well. Blackbird designs in general are such pleasant things to stitch.

I made some progress on Praise Jesus, by La D Da…the bottom border bit. Such pretty soothing colors in this one! As well as in all the stitching this month!

I enjoy seeing the name Jesus while I’m stitching. It’s quite prayerful.

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