Pretty little things

I have 2 things to show you for the Smalls SAL this month!

My thread came in so I finished up Tiny Nativity: 

Then…I made the Big Mistake I knew well to avoid. However I have not make this mistake before so I thought I could get away with it. I sprayed it a smidgen to iron and the colors bled. Boo Hoo! And worse, the beads…melted? crinkled? Anyway, they are not the same. But I am not going to worry about these things! They way I plan to finish it you won’t see the bleeding. And overall, it is too tiny to notice any problems, and it will be hanging on the Christmas tree with the Christmas lights and no one will know but me! And you!

And I ALSO finished the Spring Pyn Pillow this week! 

I just loved every bit of working on this…the border was slightly tedious, but then I am not a big fan of stitching borders for that reason. But it is just SO pretty, and I enjoyed the 1 over 2 on the 40 ct AND I found the perfect backing material! Voila!

Now I have to wait for my trim. The silly thing is I just ordered trim for something else from Dames of the Needle and failed to notice that I ALSO needed this trim, so I could have had it right now, and but to avoid paying shipping a second time in 2 weeks I ordered from LNS. Fine. It will get here when it gets here, and then I REALLY need to have a end of year finishing party.


5 thoughts on “Pretty little things

  1. Hello Mary, I love the tiny nativity, it´s going to look perfect hanging from the Christmas tree and the Spring Pyn pillow is gorgeous, perfect colour and border .

  2. Hello Mary! I think your Tiny Nativity is lovely. I’ve gone back about ten pages and I’m really enjoying all of your projects. I plan to see all of your earlier projects too. I love cross stitch and seeing all the wonderful stitches people do. Can you tell where you buy your pom pom fringe and is it hand stitched on the outside or is it in the seam? Happy stitching and have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thanks!! My blog is new-only a year old. I just discovered the online stitching world! I get the pom pom and chenille fringe from Lady Dot Creates or Dames of the Needle and I buy off Etsy or my LNS but some stores like Hobby Lobby or Joann’s also stock basic colors like red and white. I prefer to put it in the seam but that is hard to do-I usually use my sewing machine. I go super slow with it!

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