Three Sports Ornaments

I just completed the second ice skates ornament this morning so now I have the 3 sports ornaments finished for my kids’ Christmas this year! I am happy with the color on the pink skates too, and it’s good to have them slightly different to tell apart whose is whose.

Here is the pink one all by itself:

And you can see I buckled down and got the baseball glove done too! It was a harder one of the Mill Hill kits to count-lots of shading. But it is very cute!

These will all be backed with felt and get a ribbon hanger. They will make good memories for their sports activities this year!

2 thoughts on “Three Sports Ornaments

  1. Oh these are wonderful Mary! Good for you. You are so well prepared. I normally would have begun my kids’ ornaments as well, but with the move, well. This year I am only stitching for our daughter. I have store bought ornaments for our sons this year.

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