November Smalls SAL Check in

(updating to comment that this is my November Smalls SAL entry over at Stitching Lotus!)

Well, you know I just love my Mill Hill ornament kits! And I finished off the two I had showed you last time. Thank goodness for tinier needles! I got that beading done much better!

Here’s “Ye Old Santa”

And the Drum from the Holiday Harmony series.

I think I just have to do the violin now and then I’ll have completed this set.

It’s not December yet and even though it will be a busy month, everything is going well so I have plans to sneak in even a couple MORE little projects this year!

7 thoughts on “November Smalls SAL Check in

  1. These are just beautiful Mary! I’ve never done them before but you have me very interested in trying. Is it just like cross stitching but they are on paper? And then do you cut closely around the stitch? What size needle do you like for the pearls? And, where do you find a good selection of these patterns? I love the ones you have done and they are going to look gorgeous on your tree. How is your little one doing? RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Hi RJ, Exactly, this is cross stitching on paper. The paper is like really thin, sturdy cardboard. I guess it is similar weight to posterboard. It can come in many colors but Mill Hill seems to mostly use the brown. The kits from Mill Hill include the needles. I think they include a size 10 beading needle but I used 15 for the petite seed beads that had been a problem. 15 is so thin it is like using a cat whisker. I could probably get away with a size 12 next time. Also, the needle did break when I was almost done and that was annoying but they are very delicate needles, and I didn’t do myself any favors buying the cheapy ones instead of quality…but that is what was available. You can find nearly every Mill Hill kit currently available for sale at, a shop in Texas. I think many other online needlework shops would carry Mill Hill kits too, as well as some third party sellers on Amazon. I try not to spend more than $7-8 on a kit unless it is one I REALLY REALLY want and I can’t get it for a better price. And sometimes eBay sellers will have Mill Hill kit lots. A good deal, I think, would work out to $3-4 per kit in a big mixed lot. I have built up my collection that way too! Baby is doing fine, thanks! She’s a sweetie! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the newest addition to the family. I’m so impressed you have time for stitching with a young, active family! Your two ornaments are lovely and I love the Mill hill patterns. Your beading is very impressive, I have yet to try that or stitching on paper. I love the drum and can’t wait to see the violin, my husband would love that as he took violin lessons. Have a great week! Mary

    1. Thanks so much! I personally think stitching on paper is a breeze-truly relaxing and great purse projects! I only get any stitching done because I’m often waiting to pick kids up or waiting during lessons or waiting for appointments! And it’s the one thing I do that I don’t have to keep redoing, like the cooking, dishes, and laundry! 🙂

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