Two More Ornaments To FFO

I’m zooming in on completion of 2 more ornaments for the tree this year! First I have the Little House Quaker Birds which I did because it is my smallest LH chart and I knew I could get it done quickly.

I changed the colors as inspired by another stitcher who did a similar colorway with blue, white, and silver. I just thought it was so pretty! I wish I could find her blog again to see how close my version is to hers. Anyway. I made the date 2001 for our wedding year, in case you wondered about that.

Next is this Santa for my little boy. It is a Riolis kit using fuzzy wool/acrylic yarn-like thread, not cotton floss, on plastic canvas. It is even possible to do this kind of easy stitching while nursing a baby so the perfect project for right now!

You remember I made the little Snow Girl earlier this year and that will be the Baby’s ornament so now I have ornaments for everybody!

5 thoughts on “Two More Ornaments To FFO

  1. How cute are those ornaments for your kids! That Snow Girl is adorable and I love that the Santa is a front and back. The Quaker Birds turned out so pretty! Congratulations on your finishes.

  2. Oh yes! The Quaker Birds are lovely. Cindy did those like that. I can’t find her blog name on my list right now. Sorry I don’t remember it! The Snow Girl is adorable and perfect for your new daughter. 😀

  3. I love your Quaker Birds piece. I might have to stitch it again using blue, white, and silver. Your Snow Girl is so cute. Look forward to seeing Santa put together. Have a wonderful weekend!

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