Fully Finished Objects April 2024

I have FFOs for you!

Autumn Splendor from With They Needle and Thread. I’m so happy I was able to finish it just like the model. I loved the model so much!

Here it is in the holder…not sure where I’ll display it though!

The Botanical Bee from Hands on Design.

I went with the yellow bee fabric. For one thing, this choice won the widest support from everyone who saw it (Jo! Thanks for voting for blue with me!) but then I found I had the perfect matching golden yellow Rick rack in my stash and just had to use it. I’ll probably never have a chance to use yellow Rick rack again! Here’s an unobstructed view of the ornament:

Thanks to my coworker who suggested the twine bow. it’s perfect!

Ode to Red by JBW Designs. A very quick stitch…I didn’t want to make a fussy flat fold so framed it,

I may highlight the frame a bit with some subtle painting…it’s a cute little thing.

And that’s it! I didn’t get to my Flowers From Mary pin pillow. Maybe this weekend, then I’ll show progress on Dorcas and other things.

Thank you for hosting the FFO link up, Rachel! To see more FFOs on the blogs click here!

3 thoughts on “Fully Finished Objects April 2024

  1. Hello Mary. I feel that all your choices are in the right direction.
    Will the Autumn Splendor piece be made from a single piece of fabric? Many wonderful works…Congratulations on completing them.

    1. Thank you! Autumn splendor is all on one piece of fabric. You stitch the stripe border around the diamond middle part. It’s one reason I love this design so much with the texture and shapes created by the stitching!

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