August Smalls Check In

Hours after I posted this I realized I forgot something quite important to share! So I am updating this post to share it! Today (August 28) is my 4 year blogging anniversary! When I started this blog I was very skeptical of myself. While the idea of the blog appealed to me, I do have a hard time sticking with things like journals and scrapbooks and so on. I get a good start for a few months but then never establish a habit, or I become dissatisfied with the aesthetics of my writing or whatever. I thought I would stick with it 10 months or so. And I am just amazed to find myself regularly blogging after 4 years! So for me marking the anniversary is not just a “hurrah” but a sense of real accomplishment! I have really enjoyed creating the blog and sharing with you all, making friends with you across the many thousands of miles that separate us. Thank you all for visiting and commenting over the past 4 years! And now for the August Smalls Check In…

For my August Small I have finished The Golden Grape from The Nostalgic Needle. It was a pretty, fun, little stitch. I enjoyed doing the chain stitch vine more than I thought. The couched grape was not so bad to make but the satin stitching on the leaves was tricky! I wish it was a little better, but I think it’s easy to see the flaws in this enlarged photo. In real life it looks fine.

I used my own Au Ver A Soie from my stash and leftover gold passing thread from Foxy. And even the linen was the edge cut off of something else. I think it is Antique Cotton from R&R but I’m not sure. It just goes to show that if you stash is big enough you can make something work pretty well. My stash is just the right size. Often I can make what I want from stash, but just as often I have an excuse to shop and you *know* I do not only buy what is on my list! That keeps things balanced out. At least that’s what I tell myself!

Here is the back with the verse from John 15. It just fits!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have stitched this month!

8 thoughts on “August Smalls Check In

  1. That is a lovely design. Sometimes it is nice to have close-ups but it does make us aware of the flaws you can’t see in real life!
    I’ve had a good Smalls month as you will see.

  2. Congratulations Mary on four years of blogging. That is a big accomplishment and you have done it well. YOur stitching as always is lovely. It is a very pretty design perfectly done. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  3. Thanks for hosting, and congratulations on your finish; the little gold swirl on the grape really enhances the whole design 🙂

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