Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2021!

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! Welcome to my blog for the annual Trick or Treat blog hop! If you’ve arrived here apart from the blog hop and want to know what it’s all about, click over to Jo’s of Serendipitous Stitching to start at the beginning! Otherwise, read on!

I don’t actually do a lot of Halloween stitching, but I do have this darling little fall kitty to share with you.

It is by Chessie and Me. It is called “Under the Bough.” My first beloved kitty, Minou, was a gray and black tabby with a white tummy so I just had to get this kit. It is supposed to be a fob. It would be a big fob! I will make it into something else. I think I will stitch the mirror image with my orange tabby, Kiwi, who died last year at the great age of 19. Then I will make a needlebook of it. That’s a cute idea. The dimensions will make a perfectly size needlebook.

And here is your treat (I mean, Letter) so you can discover the mystery phrase:

To get your next treat and letter, please head over to visit The Wicked Stitcher.

May you all enjoy a fun rest of the day with lots of treats and only funny tricks!

13 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2021!

  1. Sometimes a project just brings up such images of our own life, I like your idea to stitch another in memory of your former furbaby too. Happy Halloween!

  2. A needlebook is a great idea and I love that you are going to add your Kiwi to it. Happy Halloween!

  3. That would make a lovely needlebook and a nice way to have your beloved kitties near you when you stitch. Happy Halloween!

  4. Sweet little stitched cat … so cute! Between the cat’s colors (I love that you tributed your first kitty with it) and the acorn, it’s perfectly, bewitchingly autumn! 🙂

  5. How adorable! I think a needle book is a great idea. I have 3 cats, all over 12. I love the idea of immortalizing your pets in needle work. Thanks for the letter:)

  6. Thanks for taking part in the Halloween Blog Hop this year. Cats are always appropriate for any Hop! A Needlebook with both cats is a lovely idea.

  7. Such a sweet kitty, the fabric is perfect for it.
    I like the idea of the needlebook, I’ll be looking forward to seeing it!

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