Borders, Birds, and Bouquets

I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation with my stitching and blogging this past month. I was kitting so many projects I’m not even going to list them here…except for the ones I’ve started. I have been on such an unearned new starts kick, having my own private MAYnia here through the end of April! Now that it’s May I will buckle down and get serious and hopefully finish something!

Let me show you all the new starts I’ve made this month…

Cross Stitch Fun, by Keslyn’s, was a must-stitch for me the instant I saw this design. It is just so…FUN!

Look at all the little motifs! I’m going to do the color version, with my own colors of course. The fabric is 46 ct Weeks Platinum, and the border and most of the stitching will be in Gloriana’s glorious In the Navy. I’ve just gotten a little start on the border but I can’t wait to get into the first motif (tree) as soon as I can place it…maybe even tonight!

Another border I’ve gotten started is Ink Circle’s Smol Birbs. Yes, you read that right, Smol Birbs. Because, as the designer says, sampler birds are silly looking and we should call them Birbs instead.

I’m stitching with Gloriana Tudors (my own color choices inspired by our silk wall at the Attic!) on 56 count Lichen from Tabbycat. The linen is a great color for the silks. But 56 count? Yes! I am making the Extra Smol Birbs. What’s up with the high count? Well…I’ve fallen under the influence of breathing the Attic’s air and feel compelled to push myself to try stitching smaller. Or Smoller in this case! This piece will measure just over 4″ square! At first the higher count was a real challenge and I was not loving it. But then I switched my needle to the #10 beading needle the Attic ladies swear by and it made ALL the difference. With the right needle and my strongest readers (+3) I am not struggling at all. I do enjoy 40 the most, and that’s what my next project is on.

The Checkerboard Stag Sampler from Samplers Remembered it has a FANTASTIC palette. Just look at the bright colors against that golden linen.

I kitted it for a customer and knew I just had to do it myself. All but one of the silks are Gumnuts which I like very much so far. I’m stitching on 40 count Straw from Weeks. My start below looks quite washed out in the natural light but it is warm and golden in person. I’ve started with the big bouquet in the center. It is so cheerful and fun! I wish the piece of 40 count I had was the Zweigart base as the original base is quite rough but think it suits the antique look pretty well. I do plan to do the hem stitching on mine too.

In my smalls post I shared the other bird and bouquet I’ve done this month…The Birds of a Feather Pin Keep from Stacy Nash:

I’m looking forward to more birds in May!

And what else? Well you can now see the evidence of a big new WIP pile on top of everything else I’ve had in the works…but I felt like I needed the inspiration of new projects to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully the new starts did the trick and I’ll be back with older things…some finishes too…in May!

4 thoughts on “Borders, Birds, and Bouquets

  1. You mention kitting something for a customer… you work at a shop or do you have your own home-based business? Thanks for the suggestion about the beading needle. I have one project on 40 count and I have struggled with it. I’ll give that needle a try and see if that makes it more appealing to stitch!!! Your blog is new to me….I accessed it through Carol’s Stitching Dreams blog that I follow.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment! I work at The Attic in Mess AZ. Another needle you might try for 40 is a #28 unless that’s what you’re already using. Or switch brands because one brand may be slightly better than another (like Bohin will be better than DMC in my opinion) even a new needle can make a difference of the finish has rubbed off your needle and it does not slide as well as when new. You need the needle to be big enough to open the hole in the linen so less wear and tear on the thread from friction of pulling the thread through the linen. So give different needles a try and see if you don’t have more enjoyment on the 40 count!

  2. You do have some wonderful WIPs. I love everything you share with us! The cat in the Keslyn’s design is fabulous! And who doesn’t love an Ink Circles design?

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