WIP Dump

In an effort to catch up and get going again, I just want to share with you all some of the stitching that has actually happened around here in spite of the lack of blogging about it…

I don’t really remember when these little things got started or finished or worked on or whatever so it’s just going to be a dump…

I never showed you the results of my Sampler September stitching. Here.

You can see I got the 2nd deer stitched on The Mexican/Checkerboard Stag sampler. Both deer need to be outlined and have their cute spots put on. I also got a little done on the border samples. I don’t think I’ll finish this year but maybe I’ll work on it a bit in December. It’s probably closer than any of my other projects. It probably would be worth a push to finish.

Fits and starts has been the name of the game otherwise. In an effort to get my stitching bug back, I just have kept kitting and starting. It’s been really awful. I love the look of all these projects, but none of them is holding my attention for one or another reason. I don’t know. It’s been rather depressing!

Cheerful Bouquet by Jeannette Douglas. I loved starting stitching it, I have a place I want to hang it in my newly painted kitchen, but I feel guilty like I’m neglecting other things when I work on it because I still have my ABC Sampler from Jeannette to finish, and quite a few similarly sized projects.

A few years ago I completed one of my favorite stitches ever, Autumn Quakers from Rosewood Manor. When I saw this one, Clouds over Vierlande, I bought and kitted it up right away. But it is a large project and I’ve had trouble picking up the needle on it because it is SO BIG and feels overwhelming. Anyway I’m it’s current state after 1 short session it seems to be joining a contest for the world’s smallest start. Oof!

Also in competition for the world’s smallest start is Anna Millet from Reflets de Soie, This is a very beautiful Sampler I think and I’m making it for my dear cousin who is so supportive of my stitching. Her favorite color is green so it’s not going to be red however!

I’m stitching with Gloriana Luminescence on 46 count Overcast from Cedar River Linens. Luminescence is a hand dyed 100.3 and this is my first time stitching with that thread. It’s been a little struggle. This is definitely a day time stitch but I don’t get too many day time stitching hours!

I’ve been trying to finish the Spanish Sampler Etui. It’s been on my ironing board in my family room for MONTHS in a sort of mid state of completion. The ironing board is getting put away after Thanksgiving when I start to do Advent and Christmas decorating so I do have a sort of goal of finishing it by then. I just don’t have the big block of hours to work on it. But! I did make the needlebook and here it is:

One other thing I have fully finished is my little scissor box from Blackbird Designs. Here it is. It is pretty sweet. I put my fancy reading glasses in it instead of scissors.

Finally…There was no October Smalls Check In and I am very sorry about that. Between finishing up costumes for my kids for Halloween, and sports, and a general feeling of “don’t wanna” I not only didn’t finish my small, but I was full of feelings of guilt and failure for not making a post. I did finally finish my Small, which was a little Mill Hill kit called Apple Basket.

The darn thing only took me 5 weeks to make. That is just where I’m at right now with my stitching. Grr and sigh. Next Friday the 24th is our November check in. I’ll do my best to make a link up for those who wish to do that then. Possibly I will have finished another Mill Hill kit finished! We’ll see how it goes.

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