Online Advent Calendar 2020

Welcome, welcome if you are visiting from Jo’s Online Advent Calendar! (If not why not click over to Serendipitous Stitching and check it out?) Each day in December a different blog features some Christmas stitching so there is a lot to see, since now is the 23rd!

If you’ve been following along this month you know I’ve been working on a couple Christmas-y/Winter-y Designs, and I got one done in time for the Advent Calendar! This is Cozy into Winter from Jeannette Douglas. Yay, I made it! Those specialty stitch bands were…time consuming. I’m happy how this came out. Will it be a pillow? I think so, though I saw this finished as a flat fold and I really liked that. However I’ve already finished another design in this series as a pillow so I think this one will be a pillow too.

Jo asked us to answer a question about our family traditions or favorite Christmas thing…this year, our favorite Christmas book.

I have lots. In fact, we’ve been reading one or two out of our collection every night for Advent. I love all the beautiful illustrated versions of “The Night Before Christmas.” There are so many lovely interpretations of this classic poem. And The Polar Express always makes me cry. For books on the Nativity, I love these especially, also for their beautiful illustrations: Room for a Little One and All for the Newborn Baby.

But my absolute favorite is the tiny boxed set from my childhood, Hilary Knight’s Christmas Nutshell Library. I remember my Grandpa reading these to me when I was very little. He has just as much fun reading as I had listening. I remember the jolly-ness (jollity?) in his voice, and the mischievousness and surprise and humor he brought when reading even though he had read them many times. And now I still think they are so charming and funny to read, either just myself, or with my kids. Unfortunately this set is very hard to find for any kind of reasonable price, so I cherish my collection especially!

And with that my friends, I wish you are very Merry Christmas Eve Eve! “May your days be merry and bright!” and may you be blessed with love and joy in the coming days and in the new year!

9 thoughts on “Online Advent Calendar 2020

  1. Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. The Jeanette Douglas design is beautiful, I love poinsettias.
    You have a lovely collection of books, I am drawn to beautiful illustrations too, and different versions of the ‘Twas the Night poem!
    Thanks for sharing your memories of your childhood Christmas with your grandfather too. Those books look delightful.

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    If not, then email me and I can leave a comment for you!

  2. What an incredibly beautiful piece you’ve shared! If I didn’t have so much to do, I’d sit and stare at it for an hour or so! It’s really stunning … I can’t to see how you decide to use it! Your book offerings are all so sweet! But I love the collection … I’ve never seen it before! Precious treasure! Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

  3. Hi Mary,
    Your stitching is so beautiful, and the fabric looks so pretty too!
    Thank you for sharing your books!
    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas
    and let’s hope it will be a better year next year!
    Barbara xx

  4. Great pattern, one of my favorite in this lovely Advent Calendar. Joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année. Amitiés. xxx

  5. I’ll echo the others with saying yours is a lovely piece of stitching. It will be interesting to see how you finish it.
    The books are fun and I do appreciate the special memories you have of your Grandfather reading them – Seasons Greetings

  6. That is such a beautiful piece, I really like how the border looks with it. I think a pillow would look lovely.
    How wonderful that you have those memories of your Grandfather reading you those treasured books, lucky you!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

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