Progress and A Finish


I have been working on my La D Da Holly Drum. I just have the top and bottom to complete. It should be ready for the Smalls check in on Friday!

FINALLY I have gotten my last threads for my Drawn Thread Toccata 1! Do you remember this piece from FEBRUARY? I had ordered the last 3 threads I needed from a shop, along with some other things. Well, the other things never came in so my order was never shipped. As it approached the end of the year I was getting antsy to finish. I ordered the threads I needed from some other shops (none are carried by my local shop and I was tired of waiting for things to be special ordered!) One by one they’ve come in this month and look, it is done:

The specialty stitches in this were so fun. There was just enough to get the hang of something without getting tired of it. And I really love the hem stitch border!

I am eager to get a new project into the vacated project bag! What will it be?

FFO Gallery November 2020


I’m linking up with Rachel over at Ten Hour Stitcher again this month for her “Fully Finished Object” gallery. This is just the kick in the pants I need every month to move projects from the “finished stitching” to the “fully finished” stage. It has been a great antidote to the drawer that inevitably ends up collecting those little stitched pieces for finishing Someday. Now Someday arrives around the 10th of every month as I rush to get something done for the SAL!

My first finish this month is Lady Scarlet’s Secret Garden. It is a teeny tiny needle book that goes into this enamel trinket box from Just Nan. Isn’t the wool flower darling?

The flower was super easy and quick to make. The needlebook, I will tell you, was tricky. I think there might have been a better, neater way to do it but I followed the instructions. If I was doing it again, I’d try another technique that would have less loose threads and rough edges to manage. But it’s fine, just overly fiddly. I didn’t end up finishing off the crewel rocking horse this month. I’d had enough fiddly finishing for the month after doing this!

Next I finally got around to buying the wool to finish off my La D Da Dragonfly pin cushion. It came out so so cute! Looks just like a giant ravioli! Just a simple little thing but sometimes that’s the kind of stitch you need!

I liked the design well enough but wasn’t super enthusiastic with the prospects of its finish when I done stitching. Now that’s done I just love it!

Finally, it became urgent to finish off the tooth fairy pillow for my little (almost 6 years old) son. Without even telling us it was loose, he pulled out his first tooth a couple weeks ago. Now he reports the 2nd loose one so I had to hustle on this to get it finished for him!

This is by Waxing Moon Designs with my own adjustments and finishing. I made the piping! It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s a kid’s tooth fairy pillow, the perfect project to try out something new! I have 1 more child (my 3 year old) who needs a tooth fairy pillow. I have a design and, I guess, about 2 years to stitch it!

And finally, I can take no credit for the presentation of this, but I wanted to share with you my Random Thoughts from The Drawn Thread which I had framed by the very talented Sandy of Attic Needlework. She mounted my hemstiched work on a piece of light blue gray silk. It is just perfect and I love how it came out. This is a finish I don’t think I could have quite managed myself-a little too special to risk messing it up! I have 2 more projects being framed which hopefully I can share with you at the December check in.

Autumn Quakers is Finished!


Hooray hooray! I finished Autumn Quakers today! I am smiling so big, I just love how it came out. I am very proud of the silk conversion I came up with, and not to brag too much, but this piece has no counting errors. I am astonished I got through the whole thing without messing up any counting. Now watch me jinx my next 12 projects and they will be rife with mistakes! Ha!

Here are some close-ups of my favorite motifs. I love that rainbow flower bouquet. It was so fun.

These motifs are all just SO pretty. Each was a joy to stitch, even the ones I put off stitching because they were big or didn’t look straightforward. How do you like my “M”? It barely fit! I guess my count was a little tight – I didn’t account for the little off-center “buds” inside the wreath-but it worked out! I used the original orange color I had picked-Autumn Foliage from Thread Gatherer -as a tribute to my fussing over the orange choice. I did really like the color even though it didn’t fit well in every place. I didn’t restitch all the little places I had used it in the upper portion of the sampler, so it was good to use it again here on the lower part. And it is so complementary to all the colors! Overall I’m quite pleased and think it looks really really good! I love this piece and am so glad I prioritized stitching it this year.