Autumn Quakers is Finished!


Hooray hooray! I finished Autumn Quakers today! I am smiling so big, I just love how it came out. I am very proud of the silk conversion I came up with, and not to brag too much, but this piece has no counting errors. I am astonished I got through the whole thing without messing up any counting. Now watch me jinx my next 12 projects and they will be rife with mistakes! Ha!

Here are some close-ups of my favorite motifs. I love that rainbow flower bouquet. It was so fun.

These motifs are all just SO pretty. Each was a joy to stitch, even the ones I put off stitching because they were big or didn’t look straightforward. How do you like my “M”? It barely fit! I guess my count was a little tight – I didn’t account for the little off-center “buds” inside the wreath-but it worked out! I used the original orange color I had picked-Autumn Foliage from Thread Gatherer -as a tribute to my fussing over the orange choice. I did really like the color even though it didn’t fit well in every place. I didn’t restitch all the little places I had used it in the upper portion of the sampler, so it was good to use it again here on the lower part. And it is so complementary to all the colors! Overall I’m quite pleased and think it looks really really good! I love this piece and am so glad I prioritized stitching it this year.

A Monogram and One Last Motif


Autumn Quakers…what can I say? It has become a completely engrossing stitch as I near the finish. All I have left is a monogram for inside that green wreath at the bottom right and the last large leafy motif at the bottom left. I had my iron out so I pressed the whole thing to give you a nice picture before I head to the finish line this week.

For those just joining, I’m stitching 1 over 2 on 36 ct Doubloon from Picture This Plus (the recommended color though it calls for 28 ct) with my own silk conversion. I did not really care for the alphabet that came in the chart for my monogram. The letters are too small to be in proportion for the opening in the wreath and they are on a hard slant which I think looks awkward. Karen Kubla, the designer of Rosewood Manor, encourages stitchers at every turn to be creative and make the design how you like. So I have no qualms about using a different M. I have this wonderful book of alphabets where I found a good one.

What is so great about this book is the alphabets are organized in size order so you flip to the section where the letters are all, say, 26 crosses (or points-its a French book) tall and there they are! You pick one from that section to meet your requirement!

So today I will do the “M” and start in on this big leafy scroll-y thing. I really like this last motif and I believe it uses ALL the colors. It will be fun to stitch.

How’d I do?


At the beginning of October I had GOALS. I met them. I am proud! Yay!

I finished (FFO’d) the 2 small projects I wanted to get done.

I got the stitching done on 2 “bonus” smalls:

And, I made great progress on Autumn Quakers:

The little mauve leaf at the bottom right is the bottom of the sampler. So I can see the finish line! And I even resolved my orange silk issue. See how much better?

I’m going to aim for a finish on Autumn Quakers this month. I don’t think that will be too hard!

I have a few smalls I’d like to work on. I will try to finish one for the smalls check in. Both are from clubs I was in last year. They are:

La D Da’s Holly Drum from De Handewerk Boetiek Pindrum club and Jeanette Douglas’ Cozy into Winter from The Silver Needle Circle of Friends.

I have decided NO CLUBS next year. (But if you want to join either of these, sign ups have just started and I linked the shops above!) I myself have enough to work on. I actually have a BIG FUN PLAN. I will share it with you later this month.