WIP MAYnia #3! Summer Garden Roll!

You all know what’s up now with my WIP MAYnia project…here’s where I started on Friday on Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden Roll…

My goal was to finish a page (it’s only 2 pages) I did it plus a little extra!

The first page seems to have the most stitching with that big flower pot. I feel like the rest should be a breeze. I’m looking forward to a summer finish on this!

Incidentally I must tell you circumstances of my stitching this weekend…my son’s baseball tournament was a weekend event a few hours north so we took advantage to celebrate our middle daughter’s birthday with horseback riding as well. That was fun, but I am sore! The baseball was great. Our team won all 4 games to be the tournament champion. Robby pitched the full first game so of course we were proud of that, but then in the final championship game, he did something even better! Playing that first team again (and we had beaten them handily the first time) we had been down by several runs the whole game. It came to the bottom of the seventh and we (the home team) were still down by one. We managed to tie the game but there 2 outs with runners on 1 and 2. Robby had ta great hit over the centerfielder’s head, against the wind no less, to double and hit in the game winning run. It was very exciting and there were huge smiles all around. To be honest I think it’s been a few months since I’ve seen my teenager smile that big. It was awesome. And I must say, even though I had stitched pretty steadily through the first 5 innings, I had to put it away at the end! Baseball can be so stressful and distracting!

I’ll be working on my ornament/small this week. I have to take the car in for an oil change so that will give me a nice little block of time tomorrow. I hope it stitches up quickly because I can’t wait to work on Luz Gonzalez!

One thought on “WIP MAYnia #3! Summer Garden Roll!

  1. Gorgeous work on your sampler, the flower vase is amazing!
    I have no idea what the sporting talk means but if it made your teenager smile, that has to be a good thing!

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