Work on several things

I have progress to show you!

First, the Peacocks Purse, which I took to the DMV to work on while I waited to get my new driver’s license:

I had about 40 minutes of waiting. I also stitched on it a little in some other random moments and during swimming. It’s quite nice to work on. I really enjoy this scale and style of project.

Next, the Bargello Roll:

Oh my goodness, this is just very easy to sit down and do, but it is SO MUCH stitching! I feel like I’ve worked on it a lot! Too much! Without a ton of progress to show. I wish I could just sit and work on it for hours and hours! Oh well! I LOVE the colors. It just gleams!

Next, here are more butterfly wings from the Casket Keepsakes of Amy Mitten.

I’ve worked on 3 more wings, with one of them finished! But horrors! I have run out of one of the threads! Fortunately, I can purchase more from Amy Mitten’s website but I hope the colors will match well enough. My kit is old! I will not order the thread until I see if I am going to run out of anything else! This stitches like a micro version of the Bargello. So. Much. Satin. Stitching. I am doing all this satin stitching without a laying tool because I’m lazy, and I don’t know how to use one efficiently, and because I hold my hoop so I don’t have an extra hand to lay with. However, I just bought a used floor stand clamp thing. I should try to build it so I can rig up these projects and speed them up by using 2 hands. Upon opening the box I see it is just a pile of wood pieces and screws so it looks like a Project, and I’d rather stitch than figure out how to build it. Maybe I should put my son in charge of it! Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Work on several things

  1. You might want to try a trolly needle – it’s something like a partial thimble with a *huge* tapestry needle that becomes an extension of your thumb nail. With just a bit of practice, it is a thread smoothing/laying tool you can use stitching with a hoop or in hand.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I bought one last year (because it was pretty! Go figure!) and never could figure out how to use it. Well, I looked up some videos this morning and will give it a try tonight!

  2. I was taught another way to do satin stitch was to use 1 thread in the needle, but go over each stitch twice. I tried it and it does work well! Your stitching is beautiful and I love seeing all the different projects you have!

    1. I have done that way too-on Bathya that is how Nicola Parkman taught us to satin stitch. She even taught to make eyelets one pass at a time to make the stitches really even! It works, but on this bargello there are 3 strands so I think it might really slow me down! Ha ha! I am so lazy!

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